New Website Launch: Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®

Published: Tuesday, May 25, 2021 | Tags: REAL ESTATE, real estate associations, Case Study, new website launch

New Real Estate Association Website Launch Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®

We are excited to announce the new website launch for Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®. This real estate association is committed to enhancing the personal and professional growth of its membership. With an upgraded website design and new functionalities, Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS® can continue to focus on their mission and members. 


Let’s take a look at this new site and its features. We hope something inspires you for your real estate association’s website.

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The homepage boasts a large hero image with a photo-centric design and background image of the area. With scrolling images and text, this real estate association can easily add and update new images, headlines, and calls to action.

Homepage on Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®


If you scroll down the main page of the site, you will see a dashboard displaying the most recent market statistics. The call-to-action button All Stats in this section will take visitors to a directory to see previous monthly home data.

Market Statistics  on Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®


The Area Information page on this site showcases different areas of the Highland Lakes region for consumers to learn more about what each city has to offer. 

Area Information on Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®


The navigation on your real estate association’s website is meant to live up to its name–navigate users to the content they are searching for on your site. One way to simplify the search for users is to add Quick Links to your utility navigation, just like Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS® has done. They have 10 of their top pages listed under Quick Links so members or consumers can easily access them. Another great feature they have in their utility navigation is a search function. [Read more on why you should have this feature on your website.] 


Navigation on Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®


One problem many real estate associations face is having to double enter information from one software platform to another, but not with 博乐电竞APP Freedom. Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS® uses an MMSI integration system, which allows for an easy website login and the ability to pull over all the events listed in MMSI to be displayed natively on their new website calendar. The Residential Property Search on Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS® is also integrated with RETS to display properties from the MLS.  

Residential Property Search on Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®


The Find an Affiliate and Find a REALTOR® search features are integrated with the MLS through 博乐电竞APP Freedom Software, allowing for seamless integration for this real estate association.

Fing an Affiliate on Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS®

Best of all, Highland Lakes Association of REALTORS® manages it all with 博乐电竞APP Freedom, our all-in-one website and membership management software. They can manage their website content, marketing tactics, events, news, members, dues, and more, all in one place. This eliminates workarounds and removes the juggling of multiple accounts and software systems to accomplish a single task.

If you are interested in redesigning your Real Estate Association's website or learning more about 博乐电竞APP's total software solution, please reach out and someone from our team will be in contact with you.

We LOVE working with non-profits. See what 博乐电竞APP could do for you!

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