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In addition to collecting personally identifiable information that you provide to us if you are a registered user of our website, we also collect information through cookies, flash cookies, 网络信标, 像素, web server logs, JavaScript, 和 other tracking technologies even if you are not a registered user (collectively “Cookies”). 博乐电竞APP’s general privacy policy addresses how we collect, use 和 disclose information from 和 about you generally, including through Cookies. This is the Cookie Policy to which we refer in our general privacy policy to address some issues that are specific to Cookies 和 is in addition to the provisions in our general privacy policy, including its cookie provisions. All users of our website must agree to our terms 和 conditions of use, including all of our policies, as a condition to using our website. As part of that you agree we can store on 和 access Cookies from your 设备.


We use Cookies to place small text files, invisible images or code from our website, or data from our web server logs, or from other sources, on your 设备 that allows us to monitor how you use our web site, 和 that allows us to recognize your 设备 from those of other users of our site, 和 to create related 分析. We also use Cookies to control access to various areas of our website. You can find general information on tracking technology at 和

Through Cookies we may obtain information about your computer, 设备, 浏览器, IP地址, operating system 和 设备 characteristics, language preferences, mobile 设备 (including unique 设备 identifier (“UDID”) 和 details about your mobile carrier), advertising ID, 和 referring URLs. We also may log what content on our website that you visited, the dates 和 times of your prior access to our website, email 和 advertising views 和 click-throughs, 和 other software or hardware information.

We use Cookies to provide you with a better online experience, including a customized experience, 和 to enhance our site, products 和 services generally. If you permit Cookies of third parties, such as 分析 providers, 广告网络, 和 advertisers, we can track your online activities over time 和 across third party websites, apps 和 设备s to underst和 your use 和 desires across websites 和 设备s to further help improve our website, products 和 services.


Below we list the different types of Cookies we may use on 博乐电竞APP’s website.


These Cookies are essential to our website, products 和/or services in order to facilitate our authentication, registration or log-in process 和 enable you to navigate 和 use the features. The Strictly Necessary Cookies on the 博乐电竞APP website may include:


Further information


Tracks whether or not a user is currently logged in.


Used for the timeout functionality in Freedom.

Ecosystem_info 0 

Used to track a user’s login session for the green Ecosystem connection. This allows the downloading of user specific layouts, forms, etc.


White facing login authenticator Cookie.


The user’s PHP session ID, used to connect to session variables for admin login.


Functionality 和 analytic Cookies allow us to remember information about your computer, 设备, 和浏览器, potentially including your IP地址, 浏览器类型, 和 other software or hardware information, 和 the choices that you make while browsing the 博乐电竞APP website to provide enhanced 和 more personalized content 和 features. Functionality 和 analytic Cookies may include:


Further information


We use this to store session-specific application feature information. For example, messages that should appear to the user once in a session are controlled 在这里. We also use these Cookies to determine the approximate geographic location of the 设备 for the session.


We use this to store application feature information across sessions. For example, messages that should appear to the user once a week or once a month are stored 在这里.


We use this to count number of articles viewed.


We use this to store interface language settings.

kmli or djcs_kli

We use one of these when a user selects the “Keep Me Signed In” feature.

djvideovol, djvideolang

We use these for video volume 和 caption language.

Google Analytics

FLASH cookie

If our Lead Nurturing module is on 和 “网站 Visitor Identification Sharing” is on, it creates an iframe with an external url owned by 博乐电竞APP ( The iframe creates flash Cookies, for storing 和 re-creating html Cookies that might have been deleted otherwise. The iframe exchanges information from Cookies with the main website.

网站 Visitor Identification is a feature that shares data about website visitors among 博乐电竞APP Freedom powered websites. Information shared includes visitors’ names, email, Facebook profile (if available) 和 IP地址es. This sharing is designed to improve the accuracy of the Lead Nurturing module.

If this feature is turned off, none of the data about your visit will be shared with other Freedom sites, 和 our site will not retrieve this information.

Flash Cookies may include: freedom_piu; paltrk; lso_piu (in flash storage)


Our products may include Cookies of third parties, including those used to allow you to register with or sign in to the 博乐电竞APP website using your social network account, 和 track both members 和 non-members of social networks for additional purposes such as behavioral advertising, 分析, 和 market research. Social media Cookies may include:


Further information, including how to opt out

Facebook Social Plugin




Other third parties support our website by serving advertisements or providing services, such as 分析 or to allow user comments on content, allowing users to share content, customizing content based on usage, or tracking aggregate site usage statistics. We may not have access to third party Cookies, only to their 分析, 和 third parties may transfer information to other parties w在这里 required to do so by law, or w在这里 such other parties process the information on their behalf.


To stop or limit Cookies from being downloaded to your 设备 from the 博乐电竞APP website select the appropriate settings in your 浏览器. Your internet 浏览器 should allow you to change its settings to notify you when a Cookie is being set or updated, or to restrict or block categories of Cookies. Consult the Help section of your 浏览器 for more information 和 you may also visit for general information. You should also be able to remove previously saved Cookies, 和 your 设备 settings may also allow you to prohibit mobile app platforms (such as Apple or Google) from sharing information. You can refuse to accept Flash Cookies from the 博乐电竞APP website using Adobe’s Flash management tools available at (it is not possible to manage Flash Cookies at the 浏览器 level). The links above next to specific Cookies provide information on how to opt out of those Cookies (usually 分析 和 social networking Cookies) on the 博乐电竞APP website. 看到一般 on Google 分析.

For more information on how to opt out of advertising Cookies visit: 在这里 or 在这里 在美国.S.; 在这里 in Canada; 和 在这里 if you are in the EU. Opting out of advertising Cookies will not remove advertising from the pages you visit; instead it means the ads you will see may not be matched to your interests.

If you make updates to your 浏览器 or 设备 settings, or use an online link to opt out of Cookies, those updates apply to the 设备 w在这里 you made the changes. Please note that by disabling or blocking any or all Cookies, some features of the 博乐电竞APP website may not operate as intended, or you may not have access to features or personalization available through the 博乐电竞APP website.


If you have questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer 和 Data Protection Officers at, or by writing to us:

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